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there will be a new song from me on a cassette released together with the new issue of Det grymma svärdet (#15), in which i've also contributed with some written stuff and an interview with Lisa Carver. the release party for this issue will be held on June 28th at Hemliga Trädgården in Stockholm. steso songs will play live. more info: here.

ladies and gentlemen,
some of you have asked: where did you go?
the answer: to the woods, where else? but i haven't built a new career as a lumberjack. that would've been cool, though. actually i think that would suit me really well. i've been writing stuff. some of it is released in Const Literary Preview #1 and there are more to come but i don't know when and i'm afraid of becoming one of these people: there are new songs i would like you to listen to. you'll have to come see me play since they aren't recorded yet. please do come. i'll post info here on when and where i'll play live. take good care, everyone and be kind. love


2013-06-15 Stora Dans, This is Hultsfred, Hultsfred
2013-06-28 Releasefest: Det grymma svärdet #15, Hemliga trädgården, Stockholm (More info: here).

Past Shows
2013-05-16 Den stora ETC-festen, Inkonst, Malmö
2013-05-11 Öresundsfestival, Far i hatten, Malmö
2013-04-20 Amningshjälpens riksträff, Stockholm
2012-08-25 Debaser, Malmö

Past Shows 2010

2010-08-27 – + Henrik Berggren, Klubb Knickedick, Stadsmuséets innergård, Norrköping
2010-02-04 – DJ, Ingen Hejd, Facehunter book release, Kåken, Stockholm
2010-02-11 – Pusterviksbaren, Göteborg
2010-02-12 – Bongo Bar, Jönköping
2010-02-15 – Release Party for "Now it's dark", Södra Bar, Stockholm
2010-02-17 – Babel, Malmö
2010-02-18 – Debaser Slussen, Stockholm
2010-02-19 – Raw, Eskilstuna
2010-02-25 – L’Orient, Linköping
2010-03-05 – DJ: Ingen Hejd, Lydmar Hotell, Stockholm
2010-03-06 – V-Dala Nation, Uppsala
2010-03-06 – DJ: PSYKAKUTEN, Kåken, Stockholm
2010-03-08 – Bangs 8 mars-fest, Kägelbanan, Stockholm
2010-03-12 – DJ: Ingen Hejd, Kåken, Stockholm
2010-03-13 – + Josh Rouse, Sticky Fingers, Göteborg
2010-03-14 – + Josh Rouse, Kulturbolaget, Malmö
2010-03-16 – + Josh Rouse, Debaser Medis, Stockholm
2010-03-20 – Dieselverkstans Bibliotek, kl 15, Stockholm
2010-03-31 – + Tobias Fröberg + Blessing, Debaser Slussen
2010-07-07–09 Hultsfredsfestivalen
2010-07-15–17 Arvikafestivalen

Past Shows 2009
20/2 Inkonst, Malm?
1/3 Debaser Slussen, Stockholm
18/3 SXSW Festival, Austin
26/3 Amnesia, San Francisco
29/3 Million Fishes Art Collective, 2501 Bryant Street, San Francisco
15/4 Kulturhuset Kåken, G?eborg
20/5 Novells releasefest, Moderna muséet, Stockholm
28/7 ?.?? pm. Cosy Den 5 yrs anniversary, Landet, Telefonplan, Stockholm
31/7 5.30 pm. Pride Garden, Kungsträdgården, Stockholm
11/8 4 pm. Ung08, Kungsträdgården, Stockholm
20/8 Malm?estivalen, Debaser, Malm?
9/9 Fritz's Corner, Lilla Hotellbaren, Scandic Malmen, Stockholm
9/10 Fleetwood Mac Tribute, Sugar Bar



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